Al-Aman Security offers fact-based background checks of candidates in connection with recruitments and company acquisitions. The purpose of these checks is to minimize the type of risks associated with a new business relation or venture. A fact-based background check of candidates involves investigating, analyzing and following up their financial and legal status. As every organization needs to be able to rely upon lower and middle level managers to ensure that the business operates smoothly and efficiently, supporting senior managers to achieve growth, revenue and profitability. Therefore it is vitally important to have the right individual fulfilling his role. As senior managers, you will need to be satisfied that any such applicant has the appropriate level of relevant experience and qualification together with a high sense of motivation, honesty and integrity.

Al-Aman Security can provide you with a detailed analysis report based on personal and social perspective of an individual that can be of satisfaction to every organization. We will verify previous employment history together with obtaining personal and employment references and cross checking where it is deemed appropriate. As the consequences of employing a dishonest, incompetent or less industrious individual may result in negative business performance, poor workforce morale leading to poor growth, our services will help you to eliminate and avoid such consequences from the very beginning of your business voyage.


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