Al-Aman Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd is a leading private limited company concurred by the Federal Government of Pakistan and the Provincial Government of Sindh and Punjab, to provide security services, for commercial and corporate clients, hotels, leisure, residential complexes , individual personal protection, oil companies, multinational firm, factories, offices, residences, NGOs etc. The head office is located in Karachi.

Our operations team consists of those individuals who possess immense experience in the security field and have worked in world renowned security companies. They are experts in day to day operational activities and human resource management.

To constantly check the status of deployed security guards, the company has a team of patrol officers in vehicles that form the Mobile Patrol Division. The patrol officers are selected from senior security guards of the company and their task is to check round the clock, all operational deployments of Al-Aman Security Services and any additional requirements of the clients.

Security guards are inducted after comprehensive screening, character verification by the police and law enforcement agencies. Their fingerprints are preserved and security clearance is obtained from relevant government departments. Before negotiation with our upcoming clients, we take a thorough investigation of the said site and evaluate the site specific need any potential hazard zones and security loopholes. After we move on negotiation of security arrangements and contracts.

Al-Aman Security aims and objectives are to develop a comprehensive security service for our valuable clients. Priority is given to concentrate on quality/professionalism of our services rather than monetary gains. Itís our endeavor that all of our security staff always meets your requirements. No security personnel will ever be deployed on client's site without undergoing comprehensive security training.


Provide reliable security and state of the art remote security services to the target market by utilizing superior planning combining with optimal blend of physical, mechanical and electronic systems while complying with prevailing laws and regulations of the country.


  • To provide synergetic physical security and vulnerability assessment to identify sensitive areas.
  • Adopting and utilization of physical; mechanical; and electronic measures.
  • Differentiating through quality of service with comprehensive security plan
  • Customizing solutions to meet clientsí requirements.


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