Al-Aman security company was established in 2006 by a group of security professionals mostly ex defense services officers. Initially it was a consulting organization, advising their clients on various security and safety aspects, but due to acute shortage of professional security companies, it was decided to provide professional security staff to their clients in addition to consulting services... Read More


System Division of a Security Company deals with all the product related business of the company that includes a broad range of products and solutions that are currently a mandatory need of every sector of business. Read More


Our security professionals have global reach and strategic approach of all security and safety problems. We believe to protect our customers from the consequences of the unexpected. As it is said: "Potential of loss is great but so is the potential for preventing the loses"... Read More


Al-Aman Security offers fact-based background checks of candidates in connection with recruitments and company acquisitions. The purpose of these checks is to minimize the type of risks associated with a new business relation or venture. A fact-based background check of candidates involves investigating, analyzing and following up their financial and legal status. As every organization needs to be able to rely upon lower and middle level managers to ensure that the business operates smoothly and... Read More


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